HHMI at Lehigh University

The major goal of the HHMI program at Lehigh University is to significantly improve STEM retention among underrepresented students and the full STEM population. Our program accomplishes this objective by integrating extensive research engagement in team settings, key support services from various campus offices, and an intensive mentoring structure. Previous HHMI grant-supported initiatives accelerated development of an interdisciplinary culture among STEM fields, including research activities. The impact of these awards guided our current program. These earlier student-focused initiatives utilized a multidisciplinary approach that included curricular reforms, a 10-week intensive summer research institute, and broadened access to STEM approaches to issues in life- and health-related fields through a public, web accessible survey course.
Two major elements that build on these now institutionalized changes in STEM education are at the center of the current program: BioConnect and RARE.