RARE Research Placements Summer 2018

The Rapidly Accelerated Research Experience (RARE) guarantees paid Summer research for our program participants. We have students who are contributing to research projects on campus in Lehigh's laboratories, locally, nationally, and abroad. Here are the companies and laboratories where our students, starting their freshman year are researching.  

On Campus Research Leads
  • Dr. Neal Simon
  • Dr. Vassie Ware
  • Dr. Yaling Liu
  • Dr. Amber Rice
  • Dr. Santiago Herrera
  • Dr. Jonas Baltrusaitis
  • Dr. Joan Ramage
  • Dr. Katie Hoffman
  • Dr.Dimitrios Vavylonis
  • Dr. Muhannad Suleiman
  • Dr. Himanshu Jain
  • Dr. Kerney Glover
  • Dr. Aurelia Honerkamp
  • Dr. Daniel Lopresti
  • Dr. Linda Lowe-Krentz
  • Dr. Kathy Iovine
  • Cameron McCoy

Local Placements

  • Sanofi Pasteur
  • PPL

National Placements

  • Regeneron
  • John Hopkins Medicine
  • A Private Dental Clinic
  • Thermo Plastics Tech


  • Myanmar
  • Peru