Biosystems Dynamic Summer Institute Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2019

The 13th annual Biosystems Dynamics Summer Institute (BDSI) is planned for May 22-July 26, 2019.

BDSI is a 10 week research-intensive program that was launched at Lehigh University with support from a Howard Hughes Medical Institute grant in Summer, 2007. The Institute was highly successful and continued institutional support is anticipated. The program objective is to expand interdisciplinary research opportunities at the University by enabling cross-disciplinary projects.

Research Projects are led by faculty teams and include graduate and undergraduate students working together on a bioscience-related research project. Funding includes stipends for undergraduate participants.


  • We invite applications from interested students majoring in the natural sciences or engineering. Please see the attached announcement for details and to access the application, which is due February 8, 2019.

  • We invite applications from Lehigh faculty to serve as mentors.  A major goal of the program is to provide research training experiences that emphasize disciplinary breadth and, where possible, the role of collaboration in addressing the increasingly complex problems in STEM fields. Interested faculty are asked to submit a 150 word project abstract by February 8, 2019 to:

Student Application Information